Title: The Best Weapon For A Hunter In World of Warcraft

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The Best Weapon For A Hunter In World of Warcraft


Hunter in the wow should to fight with bows and guns, they have no magical range and they are so special in world of warcraft, and they ranks highly in the best Dps class.


As a hunter , they should have a good weapon to fight against  the enemy, hunter in world of warcraft can use many kinds of weapons like Axes, Daggers, Guns, Bows, Staves, Thrown, so which weapon is the best one?


This question is really hard to answer because in the different level the needs of weapons is also different, if you are a lvl2- hunter,  you should get the best green of "the Monkey", "of Agility" or "Of the Falcon" 2X weapons you can .


And after you have get to level60, the dual wield will be a good choice, because of the +15AGI enchants procs/effects.


Hunter can tame his own pet, in the battle the pet also has ATK, some other class also can have the pet, but the hunter’s pet is unique in world of warcraft


Hunter’s get some big upgrades available through crafting here. For a hunter's melee weapon there are really only two better items in the whole game above the crafted Witch-Hunter’s Harvester, which is pretty remarkable. Those are the Ranseur of Hatred and Fandral’s Flamecy the both from the Firelands raid. The Ranseur of Hatred is the only real option for non-raiders other than the Witch-Hunter’s Harvester though as it can be purchased since it is a BOE drop, however on many servers it sells for 3-4 times the cost of the crafted item and is not a huge upgrade and less wow gold.


Hunters also can get a big upgrade for their ranged weapon in the form of Extreme-Impact Hole Puncher that Engineers can create you need world of warcraft gold here.


Again the only other upgrades are in Firelands but only one is BOE and again sells for 3-4 times the cost of the crafted item. The crafted item is likely going to be a 500 DPS or more upgrade for non raiders upgrading from the Zul’Gurub drop Mandokir’s Tribute.
Each coin has two sides and people may hold different opinion about one thing, no matter which one can the hunter's best weapon for them,  get as much warcraft gold as possible ,the most important thing is enjoy the game! 

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