Title: Level Fast In Mop and Best Gun In World of Warcraft 2013

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 Level Fast In Mop and Best Gun In World of Warcraft 2013


From World of Warcraft Forums Community General Discussion Faster MOP Leveling In 5.3 - It Is Time.

So - to set the scene. You are mostly a LFR raider. You enjoyed the first alt or two through MOP. Good, solid questing, some pretty areas - but no flying and the knowledge that there are a crapzillion dailies looming over you when you ding starts to weigh on you...you consider going back to your other characters, but you rolled that alt for a reason dammit!

Visions of the Yak Temple questing in Townlong or the 77-80 grind start to flash before you eyes...and you go back to playing Starcraft.

In previous expansions, there has came a point where people get tired of the leveling content, and Blizzard tweaks down requirements. To me, working on this shaman...it has come and hit home hard. MOP in particular is quite a grind, especially the 88-90 haul.

While I do like the harder leveling content, I do think that it's time now to give it the cata treatment and reduce the xp requirement for 85-90.

What is the best gun in World of Warcraft?
The best gun really depends on what stats you want to be the highest and all that stuff, but the gun with the best dps, is the "Rustmaul Gun". It does 804-1494 damage, speed 2.70 and 425.4 dps. It doesn't give any extra attributes, but is really really strong. It requires level 85, the item level is 318, and it sells for 14 wow gold, 18 silver and 81 copper. I think that if your just going for power, this is the best one.

For Alliance Members
There are also two other guns that has the same damage, speed and dps. One of them is the "Flintlocke's Chuck shooter". The difference is that its +73 agility, and +110 stamina. Also, on equip your critical strike rating is increased by 51, and it increases your haste rating by 45.

For Horde Members
The "Muffled Blunderbuss" also has the exact same damage, speed and dps. The only difference is that it gives +73 strength and +110 stamina. On equip, your hit rating gets increased by 39 and your mastery rating by 54.

There are also many other very strong guns, bu those are just a few of the strongest ones. Have fun getting them in the game!

How can you level more quickly in World of Warcraft?

You will find a wide range of advice on the most efficient manner to level your character. It may depend on your playstyle, choice of class and starting location, and available resources already on the server (such as gold, supplies, and high-level friends). It also depends whether you are looking for the fastest route per time played, or in terms of flat time overall (i.e. "how can I get to level 77 by next Sunday?").

Some players have posited that the fastest overall approach is to find opportune locations where monsters spawn quickly, and "grind" by killing them continuously without questing. With changes to transportation and low-level quest areas, this may no longer be the case.
Blizzard has also implemented several new features to help characters level faster: heirloom items that boost experience gain, integrated quest maps, and rewards from its Recruit-A-Friend referral program.

There are a lot of things you need to look out for, like high level quests (around 3 levels above yours). Try doing them in a line and don't lose time going back and forth to return the quest. Try to do them all and then go turn them in. Also, there are specific quest for your race, class, professions, which will give you more experience. You wont really need the experience of the mobs if you are not rested, so you can bring a high level friend to help you do quests a lot faster.

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