Title: What's The Best Professions for Warrior In Wow MOP 2013

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Warrior is arguably the most gear dependant class in the game. Because of this choosing the best warrior professions is vital for an enjoyable gameplay. You may have to spend some more time leveling your professions than other classes, but it’ll more than make up for it in the saved misery and increased questing speed.

Currently the best professions are generally jewelcrafting and blacksmithing. Gathering professions are good for making world of warcraft gold as you level and every one of the crafting professions offers various bonuses to all classesand specs.

You could theoretically get some pretty good gear out of blacksmithing but it’s also a very expensive and tedious profession to level and much of the gear worth getting is difficult to make. IMO it’s only worth getting for the late game bonus of being able to socket extra gear.

The other approach to keeping your gear up to date as a warrior is simply making sure you have enough wow gold to buy to your heart’s content from the auction house. Pick up mining and skinning! The resources from these professions both sell well on the auction house. Especially skinning won’t cost much more extra time as it’s just a few seconds on beast mobs.

It’ll easily give you the necessary funds to keep your gear up to date giving you a more enjoyable experience in general. Then once you hit level 80 you could easily transition into the raiding professions using these two to either build up more money, or use mining to stack up on ores to leveling professions such as jewelcrafting and blacksmithing.

While Herbalism and Alchemy isn't as common of a profession choice for Warriors, they can both be very useful for raids. Many Warriors enjoy choosing these two professions because they are very good for making wracraft gold. Everything that you create and all of your excess mats can be sold for a good profit in the Auction House.

The healing potions and elixers that Alchemy can provide will allow a Warrior to be lest dependent on Priests and Paladins by having an emergency healing solution during long boss fights. Flasks can be especially useful as their effect continues on even after death. Since Herbalism also can give you a useful buff, Life Blood, which heals for approximately 2000hp over the period of 5 seconds, Herbalist Warriors can head into battle confident in their ability to tank their way through any boss 

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