Title: How To Make Gold With Alchemy And Herbalism Mop

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How To Make Gold With Alchemy And Herbalism Mop



His questions: Alchemy and herbalism
I want to make my druid first to 90 in MoP, and my druid got Herb/Alch transmute. Anyone know it its possible to earn good gold on this in MoP?
In Cataclysm i didnt make much gold on my druid, most gold was made from my Shaman (JC/enchanting - and transmuting carnelian). The only profession i relly earn gold on is JC, rest is meh...
Any tips for a noob?


Hey Tarou! I've watched your tutorials on skinning, mining, Herbalism, alchemy, jewelcrafting, archaeology, enchanting, auction house guides, gold cap! I have Skinning, Enchanting, JewelCrafting, Archaeology and enchanting all 525, but it seems right now, at least on my realm (Kel'thuzad Alliance) proffesions aren't too hot right now for gold, most likely because of the upcoming expansion. So I was wondering what tips you, or anyone else had on making some gold before Mists of Pandaria. It would be nice to have some extra throw around gold to have for Mists of Pandaria, because of rumors of flight speed, and just to have! So if anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated! Tarou, you make some pretty amazing videos and guides for proffesions and gold making, thanks much for everything, and keep em coming for Mop!!!!!


With each new expansion mists of pandaria, some items become a lot more valuable than what they are today. That said I will be dedicating posts for each profession that has access to items that new monks and pandas will find useful. MOP is not here yet, but you can start stockpiling useful stuff and sell some even today in certain cases, like Goldthorn which is always valuable.

My biggest money makers are Volatile Air and Cataclysm herbs.


Once you have the herbs, it’s just a matter of putting them up on the auction house. There are a few ways to ensure you get a good price for your herbs (this can actually be used for any item you want to sell).


Scan the AH often for the herbs you are trying to sell. This will accomplish two things. First, you will quickly realize what a rough average going rate for what you’re trying to sell. Secondly, it will tell you how saturated your market is right now.


Weekends are usually a better time to sell something. More people play during the weekends so keep that in mind.
Buyers tend to like things in stacks. I know I hate buying 10 of something one at a time. Say you have 40 Whiptail. Make 1 stack of 20, 1 stack of 10, 1 stack of 5, and 5 single pieces. Just make sure to set your price per piece to the same. In a highly competitive market, dropping the larger stacks price per piece down a bit can help move items faster though.


I'd consider making your druid a dual gatherer if your main goal is making first 90; it might help him level faster since you get experience from mining.
You can always relevel Alch later with the money you make from selling materials and JC products.


While there's great deals in the auction house every day, sometimes it's better to have the profession, herbalism in this case due to the few super expensive herbs which remain mandatory to anyone leveling alchemy. Stranglekelp is a good example. Each stack costs 200-400 gold currently on my main realm, so farming a bunch of stacks myself should make me even more gold. In this case there's no point waiting for MOP, so it's better to sell them right away!


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