Title: How To Get MoP Dragon Mount In 2013

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How To Get MoP Dragon Mount In 2013

Dragon mounts are epic flying mounts available by 3 ways. Both Alliance and Horde can acquire these mounts. How to get mop dragon mount in 2013 ? Here wowwowgold.com will share with you the ways to get mop dragon mount in 2013.

The easiest to get mop dragon mount in my opinion is the Bronze Drake. Its a guarenteed drop from the 90 heroic Culling of Strat 25 minute run.

You can do the old school rep from BC to gain the netherdrakes as mentioned above. The quests are dailys that require level 70 and require epic flying skill to begin. They are in Shadowmoon Valley off to the eastern island.

There is an Albino Drake from the 50 mount and wow gold achievement.There are "Proto-Drakes" available through heroic dungeon and raid achievements.Malygos (Eye of Eternity) 10 and 25 man have a chance to drop a mount. 3 Drake Sarth 10 and 25 have a guarenteed drop if completed with ALL drakes up. Heroic Utgard Pin has a blue Proto Drake drop from the second to last boss . I've seen it drop once, very pretty.

Golden Proto-Drake from a rare mob in Storm Peaks. Good luck on that one, randome spawn timer and A LOT of people after it.

And the last I can think off hand is the Green Proto-Drake from Orcale Dailies in Sholazar Basin. It requires you be exalted and get an egg every 7 days. The egg can contain pets, a flying mount and also vendor junk.

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